Case Study IT Act - Cyber Law

Case Study: Shreya Singhal Vs Union Of India (AIR 2015 SC 1523)

Date of verdict 24 March 2015Section 66 A of the Information Technology Act 2000 Facts of the case (Section 66A of the IT Act): The two women were arrested under Section 66A of the IT Act, alleged to have posted objectionable comments on Facebook regarding the complete shutdown of Mumbai after the demise of a […]

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime: Outsmart Scammers and Protect Yourself From Hacking & Phishing

In an era where technology is deeply intertwined with our daily lives, the threat of cybercrime looms larger than ever. Hacking and phishing, two prevalent forms of cyber attacks, have seen a staggering rise in recent years, posing significant risks to individuals and organizations alike. To navigate the digital landscape safely, it’s crucial to understand […]